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Feedback Fron Björn Juhl(BJF Electronics)



The Mosquite Blender is excellent and I am working on how to word applications

I can think of very many and it would make many otherwise hard to use pedals useful:
Like for instance there's this digital delay that has a very nice tape echo simulation but it has a latency on the direct signal which makes it irritating to use but you can sett dry signal to zero and use the Mosquite and you have a great sound.

There is much more.


More to come have great fun.

Feedback from the customer.

  I've just received my Mosquite Blender and tested it in my flat (through a pod with headphones. and it works fine!I used it to blend my phaser with my dry signal and it does exactly what I wanted to : make my phaser sound more clear and more subtle.I hope testing it soon with an amp during my next rehearsal with my band.

Otherwise your Mosquite Blender is aesthetically gorgeous, the finish can't be better and it seems really reliable!

Furthermore great packaging and packing, fast shipping, great communication!Can't say more : it's a pleasure to deal with you!Hope to see more and more new One Control products!(Paris,France)